Quality, choice and convenience

The new design trends place ever increasing emphasis on curtains which are designed to enhance the features of the interior, improving it in both aesthetic and functional terms.
Since 1959, Tessitura Enzo Stella has been a reference point for those looking for curtains of high quality at the best price, with a wide range of fashionable offers, able to meet different needs.
From panel curtains to blinds and ready-made curtains, there are many varieties of soft furnishings on offer..
Tessitura Enzo Stella, makes use of a modern in-house textile factory to provide curtains and blinds by the meter as well as ready-made products in various sizes and models, ensuring maximum accuracy in every detail in the best traditions of Made in Italy.

The tradition of Made in Italy

The term Made in Italy has always been synonymous with quality, manufacturing excellence and a unique style known throughout the world.
The textile industry also has a tradition of respect in our country which results in creations which are admired internationally for the careful selection of raw materials, for creativity and for the achievements in precision finishes.
The company Tessitura Enzo Stella has remained true to the manufacturing techniques and the ability of the Italian business system and offers only the most excellent of Italian fabrics and the elegance of the range of curtains which goes down to the finest and most beautiful details.
In addition, the company offers viable solutions with aesthetic impact to protect balconies and terraces. The awnings are made with suitable fabrics of the customer's choice. Made by Tessitura Enzo Stella, the production and sale of curtains are services which never fail to please.